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Unrest in America

July 1, 2020

Unrest in America                                           Article June 30th of 2020.

It is disturbing to see our country trying to be over run by people who have no interest in making this country better. America has been willing to change, the vast majority of people of this country would not be against more integration. This country has more integration than any other country. How did we get into this situation? For the most part we have gone about our way because it did not affect us personally. Unfortunately there were no black kids in our grade schools. When I was a Junior in high school there were five or six black teens that enrolled into our high school. They were there for about a month, and left, It was said that they came and found no resistance. They were accepted without any derogatory comments of their color. When I was nineteen I got to work with three black men in a foundry. I was told that there was a black man coming onto the swing shift that did not like whites. His first night, I went up and introduced my self, smiled, he smiled back, we shook hands and we had a great relationship. I was blessed when a I was a volunteer chaplain in our church, I got to call on all colors in the hospital. I hope that Jesus never finds any racist views or disparaging comments in my heart toward anyone. I live in the the N.W. About 15 years ago I wanted to start a black and white work team, that would work on poor peoples homes in the black and white neighborhoods. I talked to a well known black musician. We had lunch and he liked the idea. We meet several times more and he said that they wanted to meet some where with in the N.E. Area they lived in. . I contacted a local bible college, Since I graduated from there. I set a date, paid a rental fee, gave this gentleman the particulars of the meeting place and no one showed up. I Called him several times and I got no response from him. Then a I contacted a teacher from the college, called me and liked what I wanted to do about bringing black and white men to work together. After getting to know one another by talking together, he saw black and white working together to help some one else. This professor also was a black pastor at a black church, and after a month, he came back and said he had no men in his church that was interested in working with us in any community. My pastor, at the church I attended, said he had been in a reconciliation group in N.E. part of this city with a population of about 400,000 once a month, for a few years. When I told him about this, he said I hope this can be done, because this group that he was in only wanted to talk about the problems, but not do anything about the problems. I contacted another church in N.E. of the city, and the assistant pastor after listening to me, accused me of being a racist because I was trying to get black men from the N.E. area and was going to only work on homes in the white areas. I said no that is not my goal. That was that. Three black leaders in congregations all saying they could not find any black men to work with white men to help the poor and elderly. I was surprised to say the least. I had 10 or twelve white men ready to work alongside a black men. But the black leaders could not get any black men to work with a white man.
Blacks accuse whites as being racist, this is one instance that blacks were unwilling to work with whites at all. I felt that there was an opportunity to get something started, instead it was stopped cold.

What hurts now is we have a group that has the right to say America, you have failed us. That is true, to some extent, help us to change it so we can partake of its acceptance, and wealth. I think that the black leadership should say to our president, this is the way you can help us, this is what we need from the citizens of our country too. School choice should be on the list. Schools pass people along to keep the slow ones behind. Get black leaders on the same page. So the whites can get behind what is being done. Let us start talking to each other, not over each other. Get white and blacks talking about issues to fix the issues of what is needed. Until we get understanding about what you want from whites, and how we can help, this will be just another stale mate. We should have a message that is simple and understanding, nothing ambiguous. Draw a plan and stick to it. Who will want to start? Who is willing? Who will listen to help? Someone, please from the black community. Do not say to us, well, we have problems you do not understand. I would say in return, we also have problems that you do not understand. This is the dilemma. How do we get past this the dilemma.
But we have another group of people that is using this opportunity for change, to tear this country apart because our attention is split. Why are a few people trying to do this? This is a simplistic answer. They do not want any country that is free, like America, to be free as we have been. They want to tear down America, they want to pit white, against the black, they want to remove our history from in front of our eyes so we cannot look back and say, yes we did that, but we changed and did better, we can still do much better. The question is, are we going to let the communists, the anarchists to divide and conquer us. Which means the white and black and all the other colors in this country alike will be indentured to some one that does not care about anybodies history, feelings, needs, aspirations, they only look to enslave everybody. Black and White, and all other colors. Do we care about them?

There are two ways that this country can go. It will depend on those people who want this country to continue what was started in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. This country has been a beacon to those who want to be free from tyranny. I saw a figure that over 1,000,000 a year come to America for a new beginning. Starting a dream of inclusion, being free of any repression, to work at what you want to instead of having to work at were you are told. At one time everybody was proud to be an American. We are the most inclusive people on the face of this earth. Accepting other colors and nationalities without question. Most of Americans are not racist, it is a lack of understanding how to help.
After reading what I have written, blacks have been left out of a lot of things, But if they want to be included, they have to break away from the democratic party, because the democratic party has bought the black leaders and thus enslaved the rest of their black population. Under LBJ, when the Civil Rights Act was signed, in it the US would pay all black women a certain amount of money for each child, regardless if their was a man in the house or not. That is where we started going wrong. The politicians started the decline of the black family. We have enslaved the black population in a different type of slavery, one where the black leaders were paid money to keep the common every day black population in the pocket of the democratic party. It is true that the police stop black people 2-3 times as much as other nationalities. The blacks are citizens of the United State, and as such they should not have to fear the police from stopping them because they are black. The police also draw their guns way to quickly. If a black persons runs, you have their car to tell you where to go to find them. Let other Americans not look down on the blacks because of old stereotypes. All black leaders, white leaders and church leaders ought to be in city hall with the mayor, working out what will and won’t be accepted. Make no demands, but work on being equable. Let all Americans live their lives in peace, beat the anarchists back to the holes they came out of, put the mayors out of office who have caved to their wants, and did not stand up for the vast population that does not want to be enslaved to another country or people who hate America for what it stands for. God Bless America. May God bless her as we Americans try to make right what has gone wrong. Let us do what is right in the sight of God, His eyes are upon us all, but the poor and down trodden He love. One does not have all knowledge, Let the liberals resign in shame for what they have done. How do we as black and white come together? This is a people issue, it is how we look at each other that we have to address this first. There are a lot of people that have some really good ideas, How do we start coming together? I am not a republican or a democrat, but independent.

Jesus is all inclusive. He said that there is no slave nor free, no Jew nor Greek. Jesus is free of any nationalism, or religion. I have blacks as friends, I would like more, but how do we get past the distrust of one to the other? The answer to this question will determine how quickly we can start to talk, to see really how much we have in common.

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