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Our Corner Stone Jesus Christ.

December 3, 2019

Corner Stone                                                                                                    December  2, 2019


Psalm 91:1-4
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, my refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust! For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper, and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His pinons, and under his wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.

For God says, “Order on order, order on order,Line on line, line on line, a little here, a little there.” Isaiah 28:10

With God there is order and purpose to everything He does. God does not skip around, He builds one layer upon another in His time frame. The foundation is always waiting to have another layer added to it, because of the new believers coming into faith, by the ones He has chosen to add to it. Nobody can delay what God has purposed in His heart. (Isaiah 14:24, 14:27) Since He made man, man cannot over ride Him. God leaves nothing to chance. Jesus Christ became the last layer, the rock of offense, the chief corner stone. It is Jesus Christ that will lead all people who have made that profession of faith that will get into His heavenly Kingdom.

The Lord begins to form another society before the flood comes, to set eight people in place to go through the flood so there will be a new start for the world when the flood is gone. God, hand picked Noah to build the Ark and to save the animals and his family, and bring them to the other side of the flood. Why did God pick Noah? Noah believed God. Noah and his sons came through the flood, Shem, Ham and Japheth, and their wives, seven in all.
Ten generations later, Abram comes from the line of Shem. Shem, was the father of Arpachshad, Arpachshad was the father of Shelah, Shelah was the father of Eber, Eber was the father of Peleg, Peleg was the father of Reu, Reu was father of Serug, Serug was the father of Nahor, Nahor was the father of Terah, Terah was the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran, Haran was the father of Lot, who died. Genesis 11:10-28

“God Said to Abram, Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your fathers house, to the land which I shall show you; and I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great; and so you shall be a blessing; and I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 12:1-3

The God of Abram, the God of Issac and the God of Jacob, set the place His people would be given for them to live in and grow in. The foundation of Israel came through these three men. They had the promise of God, He would be their guide, their protector through the Angel of the Lord. God would give them everything they needed to endure and prosper.
Abraham was 75 years old when they set out as the Lord had instructed him, Abram took his wife Sarai, and Lot his nephew, and all the possessions that they had accumulated, including the people they had acquired in Haran. They set out for the land of Canaan. When they got to the land of Canaan, they went to Shecham, to the oak of Moreh. Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “to your descendants I will give this land.” So Abram built an alter there. Then they went on to the mountain east of Bethel. There he built another altar to the Lord, and called upon the name of the LORD. Abram went on to the Negev, and there was a famine going on in the land, so he went down to Egypt. After getting into trouble with Pharaoh, over his wife, Pharaoh had blessed Abram with sheep, oxen, male and female donkeys, and camels, along with male and female servants. Because of this trouble, Pharaoh had his servants escort Abram, Sarai, and Lot out of Egypt. He came out of Egypt a very rich person in form of live stock and servants. Abram and Lot went into the Negev again. When their herds became to large they separated. After Lot and Abram had separated, God asked Abram to look north, east, south and west. Then God said, all that you see, “I will give to you and your descendants forever.” Arise and walk through the land, its length and breadth; for I will give it to you. Then Abram moved his tent and came and dwelt by the oak at Mamre, which is Hebron, and there he built an altar to the Lord. Genesis 13:14-18 Abraham is the first layer of the foundation of faith from God.

After some time and skirmishes with the people of the land, God said to Abram in a vision. “Do not fear Abram, I am a shield to you; your reward shall be very great.” And Abram ask, O Lord God, what wilt thow give me. since I am childless, and the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus. Then the Lord said to Abram, this man will not be your heir; but one shall come from your own body, he shall be your heir. And God took him outside the tent, and God had Abram look to the heavens, and count the stars, if you are able to count them. “So shall your descendants be.” Another foundational step, of God by showing Abram how many people will come to God. Then he believed in the Lord, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness.” Then God said, “I am the Lord that brought you out of Ur of the Chaldens, to give you this land to posses it.” The God said that He has given the land from the river in Egypt, to the great river Euphrates. God said to Abram, your descendants will be enslaved in a strange land that is not theirs. They will be enslaved and oppressed for four hundred years. Then in the seventh generation they shall return here. Genesis 15:1-8

Abram had been told all this, and he had no children. Sarai his wife gave him into the hand of an Egyptian maid, and they had a son and named him Ishmael. This to God was not the son that was promised. Genesis 16 Now God appeared to Abram, “I am God the God Almighty; walk before Me, and be blameless. And I will establish My covenant between Me and you.” And I will multiply you exceedingly. And Abram fell on his face, and God talked to him, saying. “As for Me, behold, My covenant is with you, and you shall be the father of a multitude of nations. No longer shall you be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; you shall be a father of a multitude of nations” One condition of the Abrahamic covenant was every male is to be circumcised on the 8th day after their birth. So, Abraham and Ishmael were circumcised. Genesis 17:1-6

From here God gave to Abraham the Abrahamic covenant. God changed Abraham’s wives name from Sarai, to Sarah. Abraham was 99 years old when He was circumcised. Genesis 17:10-17
After a long time, the Lord said He took note of her, (Sarah) and did for her as He had promised,. And gave them a son and called him Isaac. Genesis 21 Isaac was circumcised the 8th day. There grew tension in Abraham’s house between Sarah, Hagar and Ismael. Sarah did not want Ishmael living in the house of the heir, Isaac. God told Abraham to listen to his wife and send them away. God will bless him. Here you have another foundational mark by having Isaac being made the heir.. Genesis 22. And after many years Abraham made a servant swear that Isaac would not be married to a daughter of the land of Caanan. Genesis 24. So Abraham sent his servant to his brother Nahor in Mesopotamia to get a wife for Isaac. Rebekah was her name. The servants of Abraham said to Rebekah on the way home, “May you, our sister, become thousands of ten thousands, and my your descendants possess the gate of those who hate them.”

Isaac was 40 years old when he took Rebekah as his wife. When Rebekah was pregnant, it felt like a war was going on inside of her, and she inquired of the Lord. And God said to her. “Two nations are in your womb; and two peoples shall be separated from your body; and one people shall be stronger than the other; and the older will serve the younger.” The first came forth red, all over like a hairy garment; and they named him Esau. And afterward his brother came forth with his hand holding on to Esau’s heel. His name became Jacob. Esau was a hunter, an out doors man. Jacob was a peaceful man living in tents. One day Esau came into Jacob’s tent and asked if he could have some of Jacobs stew. Jacob said yes, but you have to give me your birth right. Genesis 27. Easu agreed, because he was hungry. Because of this, when it came time for Isaac, their father to die. Just before death, the father would always bring the oldest first and bless him because he is heir. But his mother heard of this, and Esau was a hairy person, and she dressed Jacob with goats skin on his arms and neck, put on one of Esau’s shirts on him, and sent him into get the blessing of the first born. Issac was blind in his old age, he said you have the voice of Jacob but the smell and feel of Esau. So Isaac blessed Jacob as the first born. When Esau came in, he went into his father for the blessing and he couldn’t get it because it had been given to Jacob. Esau said I will kill my brother, Rebekah heard this and sent Jacob away to her family in Haran to her brother Laban. Genesis 29. Jacob spent a month working for Labon, Rebekah’s father, Labon said what shall I give you for your labor? Now Jacob loved Rachel his daughter, and said I will work for you seven years, then you will give me Rachel. The end of seven years came and the wedding day came and Labon switched daughters on Jacob, because it was this countries custom to marry the oldest off first. Jacob went into her, and the next morning he saw that it was Leah. Jacob was angry, but agreed to work for Labon another seven years for Rachel, whom he loved. Genesis 25 Issac is the second layer of the foundation.

During the following years Jacob and Leah had Ruben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah. Then Rachel was barren and gave her maid Bilhah to Jacob and they had two sons by her, Dan and Naphtali. Then Leah saw she had stopped bearing and gave her maid Zilpah to Jacob and she bore him two sons, Gad and Asher. Then Leah’s womb was opened and Jacob became the father of two more sons Issachar and Zebulon. Then Leah bore a daughter to Jacob and her name was Dinah. God remembered Rachel and she conceived a son and they named him Joseph. These eleven were born in the land of Laban, the Aramean. Jacob was leaving his father-in-law because he was cutting his wages and cheating him out of sheep and goats. Jacob told his wives that they were going back to the land of his birth. They left without telling Laban. Laban caught up to them, but God had told Laban in a dream not to speak good or bad to Jacob. As they were entering into the land, Rachel was about to give berth, and she had much trouble, but gave birth to Benjamin before Rachel died. Rachel was buried near Bethlehem. Jacob had thirteen children, 12 boys, and one daughter.
It was when Jacob was at Bethel, where God had talked to him on the way to Laban in Aram. After Jacob had divided his flocks before he was to meet his brother Esau, when Jacob was alone, and a man wrestled with him all night. Toward daylight, when the man saw he was not winning, he touched the socket of Jacob and he limped. Jacob would not let go, and the man said, let me go, but Jacob said, I will not let you go until you bless me. The man said what is your name? and he said Jacob, then you are not Jacob any longer, but it is Israel. Jacob asked his name, and the man said, why do you want my name? And the man blessed Jacob there. And Jacob named that place Peniel, Jacob said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved.” Jacob is the third layer of the foundation.

Jacob, and his 11 sons, and Dinah, Jacobs daughter, the 11 son’s and wives and children went into Egypt during the famine in Caanan. Joseph was already in Egypt, because some of his brothers did not like him. He was telling them that they would be bowing down to Him. They wanted to kill him, but instead they sold Joseph to a caravan of Ishmaelites going to Egypt. (Genesis 37:25) Potifer of Egypt, bought Joseph from the Ishmaelites, and Joseph found favor in his way by God prospering the house of Potifer. After a while, Joseph was put in charge of all of Potifers belongings, and took care of everything. Genesis 39:4) The Bible says the only one not under Joseph was Mrs. Potifer. She kept trying to seduce Joseph, but he kept declining. One day while in the house, Mrs. Potifer tried to catch Joseph in her bedroom, Joseph escaped her grasp and left, but She had Josephs coat that came off when she tried to grab him. Joseph left the house and Mrs. Potifer screamed and the people came into the house and she blamed Joseph for trying to seduce her. (Genesis 39:14) Mr. Potifer came home and she told him. Joseph kept his life, but went to the prison. (Genesis 39:20) Soon after Joseph was in jail, the chief jailer put Joseph in charge of the inmates. One day Pharaoh put his cup bearer and baker, in confinement, and the captain of the body guard put Joseph in charge of them. Soon after, both had a dream the same night. (Genesis 40:5) When Joseph came in the next morning, he asked them why their faces were so sad today? (Genesis 40:7) Then the cup bearer told Joseph his dream. At the end, Joseph interpreted his dream. The cup bearer would be restored to his former position. Joseph said, remember me to Pharaoh when you are in Pharaohs presence. (Genesis 40:14) Joseph said to the baker, tell me your dream. After hearing the dream, Joseph said to the baker, Pharaoh will lift you head from you in three days. (Genesis 40:8-23) After two years the cup bearer heard about Pharaohs dream and told Pharaoh about a man in the prison that had interpreted his dream. The cup bear said his dream came true. Pharaoh had Joseph brought from the jail, Pharaoh told Joseph his dream, Because of God being the reveille of dreams, Joseph was able to tell Pharaoh his dream. Because Joseph interpreted Pharaohs dream, that there would be 7 years of abundance, then 7 years of famine. Pharaoh appointed Joseph because he interpreted the dream and that God gave him the answer. Pharaoh said since your God gave you the answer to my dream, since you are discerning and wise as you are, you shall be over my house , according to your command all my people will do homage; only in the throne I will be greater than you. I have set you over all Egypt. Then Pharaoh put his signet ring on Joseph and dressed Him in fine clothing. The Pharaoh named Joseph Zaphenath-paneth; and gave Joseph Asenath, the daughter of Potifera priest of On, as his wife. Then Joseph went forth over the land of Egypt. (Genesis 41:25-46) Joseph and Asenath had two boys, and Joseph named the first Manasseh and the second Ephraim. Joseph said God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction. (Genesis 41:51-52) Then the people of all the earth came to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph, because the famine was severe in all the earth. Genesis 41:57
In the land of Caanan where Josephs father and brothers lived, Jacob told his older sons to go down to Egypt to buy food for them. They went, and appeared before Joseph, but they did not recognize him. Joseph asked them all kinds of questions about their father, brothers, Joseph was especially interested in Benjamin. Benjamin was his brother, their mother was Rachel. After he gave them food to take home, they found the money in their sacks, then they were brought back to face Joseph, where he talked about the family more, and said to them, you are spies, Joseph took Simieon to keep in jail until they returned with Benjamin. ( Genesis 42:8-16) You must bring the youngest down here so I can know they are telling him truth. And they left for Caanan. When they ran out of grain, Jacob finally gave his consent for his sons to take Benjamin down to Egypt. Here, Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, they were shocked and concerned about retribution. He told his brothers what they meant for evil, God meant it for good. Then they all went in a caravan to get their father Jacob to come and live in Egypt. Genesis 42 and 43. Another phrase God used of Joseph was, God was with Joseph. Added note. In the New Testament Manasseh and Ephraim are listed in the 12 tribes of Israel. Just before Jacobs death the twelve sons appeared before Jacob to get their fathers view of them. (Genesis 49)

Abraham, Issac, and Jacob are the foundation of the people of faith, because they believed in God. Jacob went into Egypt with 70 members of his family. Why did God have them go to Egypt? One of the first things to happen when Abram got into the land of the Hivittes, Dinah had forced relations with the son of the king. Then the king of the Hivittes asked Abram to give Dinah to his son, the leader said the land is big enough for both of us, we will give our daughters to your sons, and you give your sons to our daughters. Even though the sons of Jacob eventually killed the bulk of the Hivites because of what they did to their sister Dinah. When the people came back into the land under Joshua, that is one of the things they did, intermarry with the people of the land. In Egypt, under Joseph they were put into the land of Goshen. They did not intermarry with the Egyptians. God called them Hebrews. They had the blood of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. They were undefilled by other peoples. Jesus says do not be unequally yoked. Which means, do not marry unbelievers, if you are a believer. If you do marry an unbeliever, your partner will not share the same values, they will look to themselves, they will lack the understanding of why you even have Christ as your savior.
In looking at the men that God chose to come close to Him, none of them were perfect. They had flaws, but God worked through those flaws to get His will done and these men to understand that they are working with the creator of the universe. Being the creator, God still uses imperfect men that have turned to Him and believe in Him to accomplish His will. God brings them along one step at a time. He starts with a bit of the information, the next time He expands on the information and details, until the man knows all the information and goes on from there. When He gives us insight and information, a lot of the time we do not understand, it is the walking with Him and doing His Will that will lead us to the ultimate destination. That is,His plan for our life and a plan to help Him to get more people into His kingdom.

In the Old Testament, God had raised up prophets to warn the people of Israel and the leaders of the synagogues that they were going astray from God by their unblief and actions against the ten commandments, Not keeping the commands is a sin against God because they were persuing other gods. These other gods were, molech, where the parents made their children to pass through the fire to appease it. Other gods you burned incense to, or worshiped mantel idols of wood and stone. Also the people had not kept the seven year sabbath for generations. What God said, you were supposed to do this, let the land lay fallow for one year, and on the 49th year sabbath, any Israelite who was a slave serving another Israelite, they had to release them, and return the inheritance that God had given them, give it back to them. This they had never done. Therefore God started sending them into captivity when the Assyrians captured the Northern Kingdom and took them to Assyria in 722 BC. The defeat of Judah was lead by the Babylonians, in 582 BC. Then the 3rd came in Jerusalem again and the Babylonians took the rest of the Jews left in Jerusalem to Babylon in 581 BC. The first temple was destroyed, and they were allowed to start returning under the reign of Darius, of the Meade and Persian Empire. Sin and rebellion against God does have a penalty. They were warned for a thousand years, but they did not believe God would ever put them into captivity, because the Priest said that God would not send Israel into captivity because they were His chosen people.
Since Christ came, one must by faith take Christ as savior. Why does this happen most of the time? A person, because of doing a lot of things wrong, has made a mess of his or her life. They turn to Jesus in hope to change their lives. It is at this point that people start to read, learn and listen, because they want to change. Jesus Christ becomes your foundation. The more you learn and read about Christ, the firmer your foundation is, you will learn His voice. Jesus will calm the storm you have created in your life that no matter how bad the storm you created, your new foundation is firm so you may stand in any personal problems that you created. By your faith you know that you are ancored to the foundation of the world. Jesus Christ, He is our personal foundation, He will never leave us, or tell us to find someone stronger than He, there is none stronger, more compassionate, loving, and merciful than He. He will never tell us He is too busy for our prayers and cry’s for help. Before He laid the foundations of the planet, and all that would be on it, He fore new every person that would be born, from Cain to the end of man kind upon the face of this earth. Each person has a name, God knows what this person will believe, and there direction of life. Each life has been ordained by God for His glory. And yet, for those people who murder, steal, and create trouble for other people, it will be turned back upon their own head and life. Only God knows how this person will turn out. The longer you walk with Christ, you will learn that He can give peace, mercy and life. He calms the storm and gives you purpose for your life. Be patient, it may take a little time for this to happen. If it took you ten or years to get to this point, it may take the same amount of time to work through all the problems. Let Him do His work in you, do what you can do, but leave the working of the problems out to Your Lord and Savior.

For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11-12

What Has Christ done for us. Christ is the final Layer of the foundation.
With Christ you do not have to worry about the giving of the 5 Sacrificial offerings were the Burnt Offering, Grain Offering, Peace Offering, Sin offering and the Guilt offering, for different sins. Each class of people had their own sin offering. The classes were, sins of the high priest, sins for leaders, sin for the common person, unintentional sin. The trespass offering was the only offering that involved money. If the sin was unintentional, the person had to pay the entire loss, plus 1/5th of that money was given to the priests. Depending on your means were in buying animals, and what you have to sacrifice. These are in the Old Testaments. You did have to go to Jerusalem for the 3 main feast days. You do go to a Priest to sacrifice your animal upon the alter. This animal has to be clean, no defect, to be given God alone, and a place divinely chosen by God.

Because Christ was willing to hang on the cross, to have been 50 lashes on His back, a crown of thorns placed on His head, hit by Roman guards and bleed for our sins, nails driven into His hands and feet, to be pierced by a Speer. By His unselfish will to be the sin bearer for all sin, for all time. All we have to do is ask Jesus into our hearts as savior, for forgiveness for the sin we have committed. Christ is the our mediator. Have you thanked Christ for this? If we believe in Christ, He is our mediator. That is, Christ says to God that person belongs to me, then the God accepts Christs testimony of you. Christ is the go between God and man. You cannot go to God alone, without Christ. IF you do not believe in Jesus, you have no pathway to God.

1. Can you lead forth a constellation in its season, and guide a Bear with her satellites? 2. He guides the humble in justice, and He teaches the humble His way. 3. For thou art my rock and my fortress; for Thy name’s sake thou wilt lead me and guide me. 4. I will guide you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.

1. Job 38:32, 2. Psalm 25:9, 3. Psalm 31:3, 4. Psalm 32:8

1. Others have been with those who rebel against the light; they do not want to know its ways, or abide in its paths. 2. Behold, a king will reign righteously, and princes will rule justly. 3. And each will be like a refuge from the wind, and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry country, like the shade of a huge rock in a parched land. 3. Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine, and acts upon them, may be compared to a wise man, who build his house upon the rock. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and burst against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded upon the rock. 4. And I also say to you, that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades shall not overpower it. 5. And all drank the same spiritual drink, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock which followed them; and the rock was Christ. Peter is not the rock, but upon Christ the Rock, Peter is dead, Peter helped start the faith in Christ movement, Christ is alive and is able to take care of any need we have.

1. Job 24:13, 2. Isaiah 32-1-2, 3. Matthew 7:24-25 4. Matthew 16:18, 5. 1 Corinthians 10:4


1. The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone. 2. This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. 3. Surely the stone will cry out from the wall, and the rafter will answer it from the frame work. 4. And they will not take from you even a stone for the corner, or a stone for foundations, but you will be desolate forever, declares the Lord. 5. Surely the stone will cry out from the wall, and the rafter will answer it from the frame work. Woe to hom who builds a city with bloodshed and founds a town with violence. 6. And I shall give them one heart, and shall put a new spirit within them. And I shall take the heart of stone out of their flesh and give them a heart of flesh. 7. And they made their hearts like flint so that they could not hear the law and the words which the Lord of Hosts had sent by His Spirit through the former prophets; therefore great wrath came from the Lord of hosts. 8. Pharisees and Sadducees coming from baptism, Jesus said, “and do not suppose that you can say to yourselves, we have Abraham for our father; for I say to you, that God is able from these stones to raise up children to Abraham. 9. For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man builds upon the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each man’s work will become evident; for the day will show it, because it is to be revealed with fire; and the fire; and the fire itself will test the quality of each man’s work. 9. And coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected by men, but choice and precious in the sight of God, you also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 10. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it. 11. Then He shall become a sanctuary; but both the houses of Israel , a stone to strike and a rock to stumble over, and a snare and a trap for the inhabitants of Jerusalem 12. Jesus said to them, Did you ever read in the scriptures, “The stone which the builders rejected , this became the CHIEF CORNER STONE; this came about from the Lord, and it is marvelous in our eyes,” Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you, and be given to a nation producing the fruit of it. And he who falls on this stone will be broken in pieces, but on whomever it falls, it will shatter him like dust. And he who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust. 13. For the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

1. Psalms 118:22, 2. Jeremiah 51:16, 3. Ezekiel 11:19, 4. Habakkuk 2:11-12, 5. Zechariah 7:12, 6. Matthew 3:9, 7. 1 Corinthians 3:11-13, 8. 1 Peter 2:4-5, 9. Revelation 2:17, 10. Isaiah 8:14, 11. Matthew 21:42-44. 12. Habakkuk 2:14 What is the foundation that was laid? Christ Himself that is the underpinning.

Corner Stone

1. What are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become a plain; and he will bring forth the top stone with shouts of Grace, grace to it! 2. He is the Stone which was rejected by you, the builders, but which became the very Corner Stone. 3. Therefore thus says the Lord God, behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone, a costly cornerstone for the foundation, firmly placed. He who believes in it will not be disturbed. What does the stone do? I will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the level; Then hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the secret place. 4. For this is contained in scripture: Behold I LAY IN ZION A CHOICE STONE, A PRECIOUS CORNERSTONE. And he who believes in Him shall not be disappointed. 7. This precious value, then, is for you who believe. But not for those who disbelieve, THE STONE WHICH THE BUILDERS REJECTED, THIS BECAME THE VERY CORNER STONE, and A STONE OF STUMBLING AND A ROCK OF OFFENSE; for they stumble because they are disobedient to the word, and to this doom they were also appointed.

1. Zechariah 4:7, 2. Acts 11:11, 3. Isaiah 28:16,17, 4. 1 Peter 2:6-8

Who are the builders in Acts 4:11 They are the Priest, Elders, and Levites, the lawyers, and other leaders of Israel. They were supposed to keep and teach the the laws, the ordinances, the sacrifices, and what they meant, they were supposed to have the Pass Over every year. There came a point that the sacrifices became a bloody drudgery to them, the Passover they didn’t care about. The further they got away from the Exodus, the less use the people had to do with God. The Priests. Levits and the Elders had been building their own rules for the people, they were gaining in power over the people,and eventually they made rules of who could or could not attend service in the temple. When King David became King, it said they had Pass Over that year and as long David was king, It was the first Pass Over in 400 years. Priests and Levitts decided, not God. In time of Christ, they are called Pharisees, Sadducees, lawyers or legal over seers. There were priests that looked over the temple, the high priest, were the only ones that could go into the Holy of Hollies where the Ark of the covenant was. In the church age day they are pastors, elders, bible teachers, theologians, evangelists, missionaries. There are many faithful to the cause of Christ. Then there are others who preach christ, but do not believe what He claims.

5But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lover of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; holding to the form of godliness, although they have denied its power; and avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3:1-7 (That is Jesus Christ)
Jesus Christ is greater than the prophets

God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world. And His radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power. When He made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high; Hebrews 1:1-3

Jesus Christs deity is above all others, New and Old Testaments.

Having become as much better than the angels, as He has inherited a more excellent name than they. For to which of the angels did He ever say, “Thou art My Son, today I have begotten thee.”? And again, “I will be a Father to Him, and He shall be a Son to me.”? And when He brings the first born into the world, He says, “Let all the Angels of God worship Him.” And of the Angels He says, “who makes His Angels winds, and His ministers a flame of fire.” But the Son says, “Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever, and the righteous scepter is the scepter of His Kingdom. Thou hast loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; therefore, God, thy God, hath anointed Thee with all the gladness above thy companions.” And, “Lord, in the beginning didst lay the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the works of thy hands.” Hebrews 1:4-10

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